Erik Drache is a German Baron and believed to be the co-founder of the CABAL.

Baron Erik Drache
Real Name Erik Reinholdt Drache
Aliases Baron Drache
Relatives Reinhardt Jaeger (cousin, deceased), Wolfgang Jaeger (cousin, deceased)
Affiliations CABAL
Base of Operations CABAL Command Compound (Owl Mountains)
Alignment Bad
Identity No dual identity
Citizenship German
Marital Status Single
Occupation Would be dictator
Education N/A
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Weight 195 lbs.
Eyes Amber
Hair Blond
Place of Birth N/A
Status Active
Creator John F. Allen
First Appearance Unknown


During World War II , renown German physicist named Dr. Erik Drache was hired by Count Weltgericht, Hitler's secret right hand, to develop a renewable energy source for the Axis forces. He was also a student of ancient alchemy and the world’s foremost scholar on Germanic mythology and legends. Like Hitler, he became fascinated with the occult at an early age and joined the Thule Society.

The Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, predecessor of the Nazi Party, was supported and funded by the Thule Society. Even though the Thules were publicly denounced by the Nazis, Hitler and German aristocrats supported the organization in secret. For years Dr. Drache worked with other Thule members who were also Teutonic historians and students of alchemy to uncover the secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone. Drache is the German word for dragon.Drache worked closely with Hans Kammler to develop a device called die Glocke, a secret renewable energy source of great power. Hitler's forces used the die Glocke’s power to create advanced energy based weapons, modeled after the legend of the Philosopher’s Stone, in order to defeat the Allies and position themselves for global domination.The Nazi research facility was located in a cavern somewhere along the border of Germany and Poland. It was accessed through an abandoned mine system which stretched throughout an entire mountain range. The physicist had unlocked the alchemical formulae for creating a Philosopher’s Stone, which hinged on a deep understanding of Teutonic runes.The swastika is the rune symbol key to the transmutation process.

During his time spent working for the Axis powers, Drache created his version of the Philosopher's Stone, which he dubbed the Genesis Stone. He also secretly discovered the die Glocke was also a dimensional gateway which breached the veil between our world and the Dark Realm. He enlisted the help his twin cousins, Reinhardt and Wolfgang Jaeger, to explore the dimension and then swore them to secrecy. Count Weltgericht learned of Drache's discovery and sought to wield the power of the Genesis Stone to control the forces from the Dark Realm, he brought over into the Earth Plane.

Weltgericht's plans were thwarted by the American Super Secret known as Agent Jingo and his team of covert operatives, Alpha Squad. Locked in a deadly battle, Count Weltgericht and Agent Jingo were trapped in a pocket dimension and not heard from again for nearly seventy years. (see The Conflux)

He feared Hitler to be far too mentally unstable to properly wield its power. Near the end of the war, Hitler knew he had been defeated and ordered all of the research destroyed and many of the key researchers executed. I suppose if he had to be denied victory, he would ensure his enemies did not benefit from his endeavors. However, as the American, British and Russian forces raided the secret Nazi laboratories and research facilities, the OSS began to recruit the German scientists for employment with the United States.Operation Paperclip had been created by the United States to deny German scientific expertise and knowledge to the Soviet Union and the UK, as well as preventing a post-war Germany from redeveloping its military research capabilities. 

When the United States recruited Drache, he was being tried in the Nuremberg Trials. He was ultimately found guilty and on October 16, 1946, Dr. Erik Drache was executed. Or, so the world believed. In reality, his name was changed to Dr. Helmut Wykmer.Neal pursed his lips and nodded. It all made sense now. This was why Wykmer had made the strides he had over the years, he had been using secret Nazi technology, passed on to him by his ancestor.“In 1976, on the bicentennial of your country’s birth, Drache died. But, not before unlocking a secret he shared with no one. You see Herr Ranger that was when the Philosopher’s Stone or the Genesis Stone, as I prefer to call it, had been created. A perfect blending of the Xerum 525, alchemical formulae, ancient incantations and the final ingredient, a sapphire hued, crystalline gem called a Blue Almasi. It is an extremely rare form of diamond found only in Mount Kenya. Only a handful of people in modern history have even heard of them, and fewer still have ever possessed one. Prior to the war, the British suspected the Nazi’s of planning an invasion of East Africa. However, their true purpose for being there had been to acquire these rare gems. The natives in the region feared them because they were believed to hold mystical properties. Drache learned they were a key ingredient in the process of creating a Genesis Stone.