Carl Babineaux
Real Name Carlton Joseph Babineaux
Aliases None
Relatives Unnamed father (deceased), Unnamed mother (deceased)
Affiliations None
Base of Operations Chicago, Illinois
Alignment Good
Identity Public
Citizenship American
Marital Status Single
Occupation Owner of Babineaux' Cajun & Creole Kitchen
Education Unnamed culinary school, personally tutored by Aristotle Blaque while working at Blaque's Cajun and Creole Restaurant
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weight 175 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Place of Birth New Orleans, Louisiana
Status Unknown
Creator John F. Allen
First Appearance The God Killers (Novel) 2013


Carl Babineaux was born and raised in New Orleans , Louisiana and was the High School sweetheart of Ivory Blaque ’s sister Aurora . In an effort to get closer to Aurora, he took a job at her family’s restaurant. Over time, he and Aurora went their separate ways, but remained good friends. Carl found his passion was Cajun and Creole cuisine, so he stayed at the restaurant for a while until he attended culinary school. After graduation, he moved to Chicago to be with his estranged and ailing father. Following his father’s death, Carl decided to stay in Chicago and opened his own restaurant from his inheritance and with help from Ari Blaque. Carl opened his restaurant—Carl’s Cajun and Creole Kitchen —in Bronzeville , to cater to the large African American and displaced Louisiana natives demographic. When Ivory moved to Chicago, she ran into Carl and frequents his establishment often.

The restaurant has become famous and attracts several celebrity diners including: President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Harry Connick Jr., Ramsey Lewis, Peter Cetera and Koko Taylor. 


Carl is Creole/African American, has black hair and olive complexioned skin and is said to resemble a yound Duke Ellington. 


Carl is a very friendly and caring person. He values family and friends above all else. He is also a very successful restauranteur/businessman. 

Notable SkillsEdit

Carl is a gourmet Creole/Cajun chef and learned his craft at the hands of a Master Chef, Aristotle Blaque, Ivory Blaque's father.