Angry ghost
Real name:
Carole Parker/Lola Harrison

Occupation: Administrative Assistant to Reginald Montgomery and Brody O’Keefe

Education: As Lola Harrison, a degree from the Chicago Performing Arts Academy/As Jillian Patrick, a high school diploma

Legal status: US citizen with a sealed juvenile record

Identity: Presumed dead

Alignment: Good      

Former aliases: None

Place of Birth: New York City, NY

Marital status: Single

Known relatives:

Group affiliations: None

Base of Operations: Chicago, IL

Gender: Female

Height: 5’6

Weight: 130 lbs.

Eyes: Green

Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Creator: John F. Allen

Origin: Carole Parker is the administrative assistant of both Reginald Montgomery and Brody O’Keefe. She is in actuality an eighty year old ghost housed in the body of a brain dead twenty year old. In life, then twenty five year old aspiring actress Lola Harrison was a rising stage performer and singer. She was romantically involved with a powerful underworld figure—Karl Banks—who dominated every aspect of her career and personal life. Lola grew to resent her beau and fell in love with—Peter Briggs—the theatre owner where she often performed. Banks found out about Lola’s secret relationship with Briggs and planned to have him murdered. When Lola learned of his fate she confronted Banks about it and they had a heated exchange. Later that evening, Lola was murdered and Briggs was framed for it. Lola found that her spirit was trapped in the theatre where she was killed and was unable to communicate with humans.

Years later while working a missing persons case, Reginald Montgomery stumbled upon the then abandoned theatre as a possible location of the missing person—a young runaway named Carol Parker who was of  origin. He encountered Lola and she told him her story and led him to find the missing girl who had overdosed on heroin. Brain dead she would have to have been exposed to an autopsy which would have revealed her unique DNA. Her death was actually a rouse to lure Reginald to the theatre by Banks—who had amazingly retained his youth—so that he could destroy him for killing his younger brother during a federal raid in the 1930’s.

Lola in her ghost form was unable to help Reginald and decided to inhabit the brain dead girl’s body. She found that she was able to control her body and access her memories, which revealed that Banks was responsible for her murder. Lola found Carol’s body to be incredibly strong and her memories and knowledge very vivid. Lola used Carol’s Fae abilities to help Reginald gain the upper-hand on Banks and his men. Banks escaped and without his death, Lola was destined to roam the earth as a ghost until justice was served. Carol had no known immediate family and instead of disposing of her body, Reginald suggested that Lola maintain possession of it until he helped her to get justice so that she could crossover.

Lola adopted Carol’s identity as a result of sharing her memories; she is a computer expert/hacker, speaks five languages (including the  language), possesses above human strength/reflexes, can cast glamour and has low level psychic abilities.

Carol Parker’s first appearance was in “The God Killers.”