“A glowing neon sign hung over the main entrance and spelled out the club’s name in blood red letters. The name of the club had been spelled without the ‘c’ and the s-i-n hung lower than the rest of the letters.”

~ Ivory Blaque

Club Fasination
Owner Antoine Valentine
Venue Type Techno-jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop
Location Chicago, Illinois

First AppearanceEdit

The God Killers (Novel) 2013


The club called Fasination (purposefully misspelled to emphasize the letters SIN) is billed as a Jazz and Blues lounge/restaurant. Ivory was kidnapped and brought to the club shortly after she obtained the God Killers. Her first confrontation with Antoine Valentine was not a pleasant one. He demanded that she hand over the pistols to him, but soon realized that she had started to bond with them and he couldn’t physically separate them from her. Antoine tried to use his succubus powers on Ivory to force her to cooperate, but her psychic abilities proved to be more powerful than he bargained. For some reason, this intrigued him and he spared her life (although there was a 50/50 chance that she’d have killed him instead or they both would have perished). 

Antoine instructed one of his human servants to send her away from the club, but not before he bestowed the first of his marks upon her. Ivory recovers from her encounter and soon realizes that the mark Antoine placed upon her linked them psychically and because he is a succubus, she begins to experience sexual dreams and fantasies about him.

This infuriates Ivory and she seeks help from a trusted ally Zaji Laveau. Zaji helps Ivory to erect what she describes as “Psychic Armor,” in an effort to block or at least lessen the effects of Antoine’s first mark. The efforts were a success, as the ability to resist the succubus already resided in her.

Weeks later, Antoine is called upon by friends of Ivory to grant her his second mark in an effort to save her life. Ivory is furious about this as it further ties her to him, although she finds that the benefit of enhanced physical abilities comes in handy later on.

As the result of a later experience, Ivory finds herself to be immune to Antoine’s power, but developed a personal attraction to him even when he didn’t use his abilities against her.