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Codename: Knight Ranger
Author John F. Allen
Release Date 2015
Pages: N/A
Series Knight Ranger
ISBN Unknown

Codename: Knight Ranger is the first in a series of novellas featuring Captain Alexandre "Neal" Du Bois aka Knight Ranger. 

(Cover artwork by Jordan Bell)


Former U.S. Army Ranger, Captain Alexandre "Neal" Du Bois and his unit were ambushed by enemies while serving in Afghanistan. Due to an extremely rare genetic anomaly, Du Bois survived, despite losing all of his limbs, and being devoid of all senses. He was revived and given a new bio-engineered body, courtesy of BioTech Head Researcher, Dr. Avery Clarkson. Clarkson worked under the orders of Elijah Bishop, Director of G.E.N.E.S.I.S., an international, clandestine, U.N. supported organization dedicated to keeping the world safe from preternatural and superhuman threats. 

Du Bois awakens to discover himself in a superhuman body which is owned by the government and must fight to rediscover his place in the world, hold on to his sanity in a world he learns is far more dangerous than he'd ever imagined. He's given the codename: Knight Ranger and is employed on missions to protect his country and the world from threat both human and preternatural.