Cytocorp Logo
Founder Markus Curtis
Leader Markus Curtis - President/CEO
Notable Members Markus Curtis
Headquarters Cytocorp Tower
Locations Chicago, Illinois, New York City, New York, Los Angeles, California
Status Active
First Appearance N/A
CytoCorp is a scientific research center which specializes in cytogenetic research. It is secrely funded by Hawthorne Reynolds and ran by Markus Curtis with its primary headquarters located just outside of Chicago


Reynolds created the facility in order to study and develop genetics research into preternaturals and Neo-humans. One of its primary research achievements was the development of bio-engineering processes which allowed them to successfully map the lycanthrope genome. As a result of this breakthrough, CytoCorp was able to splice the lycanthrope DNA with that of humans and other animals to create new species of lycan hybrids. CytoCorp had covertly been working for a secret society known only as the Consortium , who consisted of the heads of some of the wealthiest and most influential families from around the world. The project's codename was Z.O.D.I.A.K. (Zodiacal Order of Divergent Indestructible Animal Knights), and its goal was to create a new humanoid species which blended human and animal/shifter DNA, then combined that with advanced technology and weapons, so that they may eventually rise up to conquer and rule the world. Each family took on an animal avatar which represented an animal from the Zodiac, which they used as the sigil for their respective houses. When a rival laboratory Sceptre Enterprises, the secret science division of Global Technologies and Energies Consolidated (GTEC) discovered the breakthroughs being made at CytoCorp, they put together a team of genetically enhanced mercenaries called Arachnus, to steal the technology dubbed, The Zodiak Formula. The twelve hybrids were secretly sent to train with the mythical assassin’s guild known as the Ring of Gyges, where they learned to use their abilities with deadly precision. Reynolds secretly employed them as his personal strike force, in order to eliminate certain business rivals and conduct corporate and/or political espionage.

Z.O.D.I.A.K. as they called themselves, came into conflict with Project Omega and Shadow Corps on numerous occasions. In each instance, the members of the Z.O.D.I.A.K. either escaped or died during the course of battle. Those who perished, were replaced with clones using genetic material on file.

The core technology for lycanthrope creation was stolen from CytoCorp and sold on the black market by B.A.N.E. (Black market Arms Network & Exchange). The Shi No Kage (Death Shadow) Yakuza Clan, acquired the technology and used it in an attempt to enhance the abilities of The Tsuchigumo Ninja Clan .

They were largely unsuccessful with the exception of one warrior named Kumo, after the Japanese spider god. When the Tsuchigumo Clan came up against Task Force Omega, Kumo was thought to have perished, but G.E.N.E.S.I.S. Director, Elijah Bishop had his remains secretly taken to his private research facility, where his DNA was used to isolate the Zodiak Formula.