Franklin Consolidated
Franklin Consolidated Logo
Founder Creflo Franklin
Leader Jaziri Franklin
Notable Members Jaziri Franklin
Headquarters Franklin Consolidated Headquarters, Franklin Building
Locations Chicago, Illinois, New York City, New York, Los Angeles, California, Miami, Boston
Status Active
First Appearance N/A
Franklin Consolidated is an industrial company handed down to Dr. Jaziri Franklin, by his father, Creflo Franklin. Jaziri's maternal uncle, Melvin Komas, was named CEO after Creflo's death, but the position was taken over by Franklin when he Komas was sent to prison for selling high tech weapons on the black market. With help from G.E.N.E.S.I.S. Director Elijah Bishop, Jaziri was able to legally manuever the company into a trust, provided he be strictly contracted with G.E.N.E.S.I.S., until his 25th birthday. 


This industrial materials and metal working company was founded by Creflo Franklin following World War II and originally named Komas Metalworks. Franklin was a pioneer in metalurgy and the manufacture of industrial materials. Due to the racial divide in the United States during this time, he entrusted his caucasian friend and business partner, Alexander Komas to be the front man, while he worked behind the scenes. After the United States involvement in the Korean War was announced, Komas wanted to out Franklin, but he had no claim to the patents which were responsilble for the comany's success. Because of this, Komas was bought out by an anonymous source and himself ousted from the company, which took on the name Franklin Metalworks. Creflo married Evelyn Spruill in 1958 and they had a son named Oscar.

Oscar Franklin eventually took over the company from his father and renamed it Franklin Consolidated. Oscar sought to include various forms of technology into the fold and eventually contracted with the United States government for weapons development. Creflo didn't approve, but relented as he was resigned to a reclusive existence after the death of Evelyn to cancer in 1984. 

In 1994, Oscar Franklin married Lisa Komas, granddaughter of Alexander Komas and the couple had a son named Jaziri. When Jaziri was born, it was evident that he was a gifted boy. He was tested and found to be a polymath and graduated from college at age fifteen. It was around this time that Franklin Consolidated began to lose money and was close to going bankrupt. Oscar and Lisa's brother, Melvin, became close friends and he offered to provide support to the company in exchange for a stake in ownership. Oscar agreed and the two men became business partners. Komas was at the time affiliated with Global Technologies and Energies Consolidated (GTEC) and provided investment capital which would help to sustain the company and bring Franklin Consolidated back in the black. Oscar and Lisa were killed in a terrorist bombing while vacationing in Europe. As a result, the company came into the sole control of Melvin Komas, who had embezzled money from GTEC and sold weapons to a black market weapons organization called B.A.N.E., which dealt in super weapons designed to be effective against preternaturals and Progeny. 

When G.E.N.E.S.I.S. director Elijah Bishop tracked down the transactions and activities to Franklin Consolidated, he sent in undercover operatives to infiltrate and gather evidence against Komas. Jaziri was completely in the dark about the specifics, but never trusted his uncle, as he was very manipulative and condescending towards him. Once Komas was brought to justice, Bishop pulled some strings and helped Jaziri to rebuild Franklin Consolidated into an industry leader, provided Franklin Consolidated honor an exclusive contract with G.E.N.E.S.I.S. Because Jaziri was under twenty-five, he couldn't take complete control of the company and was assigned a proxy named Alicia Grant.

Ms. Grant was only a few years older than Jaziri and while trained as a corporate attorney, she also holds an MBA from Stanford and is proficient in making corporate executive decisions. After his twenty-fifth birthday, Jaziri named her Franklin Consolidated's COO and President.  

Jaziri agreed and began work on the Direct Neural Interface and the Project O.G.U.N. drone for G.E.N.E.S.I.S. shortly after his uncle was incarcerated.  

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  • Creflo Franklin -  Founder (Deceased)
  • Oscar Franklin -  Former CEO (Deceased)
  • Melvin Komas - Former CEO (Incarcerated)