Founder Preston Miller
Leader Zachary Davidson
Notable Members Jerald Ward
Headquarters Unknown
Locations Unknown
Status Active
First Appearance Unknown

GNOSIS is a secret, international organization dedicated to acquiring and preserving knowledge of all types at any cost. The organization was founded by scientists and historians who are determined to preserve all human knowledge and acquire knowledge of all things to place into a databank of human knowledge. The purpose of this is to preserve the human race in the event of a major catastrophic event, re: Earth’s destruction, Alien invasion, etc…

Once information is acquired it is uploaded to a databank which regularly updates a probe in space. As the probe travels through the galaxy it acquires information on whatever it comes into contact with.

GNOSIS in its pursuit of knowledge, places its goal above all else, which places it at odds with individual rights and the right to life. While pursuing knowledge, GNOSIS has been known to capture and experiment on Neo Humans/Progeny and preternaturals, sometimes at the cost of their lives.

In order to help fund themselves, GNOSIS often develops weapons for various advanced terrorist organizations, chiefly the CABAL. They also sell weapons independently on the black market to B.A.N.E., unknowing that the CABAL controls them. GNOSIS has also delved into money laundering, illegal information brokering and human trafficking to fund themselves over the yearts.

GNOSIS employs many top scientists, researchers, engineers, historians and inventors to obtain their goals. They also employ certain genetically engineered beings created from Progeny DNA. These agents are often used to track down and capture Neo Humans/Progeny who resist capture. 

GNOSIS works above the law and due to certain supporters who have influence, they have remained at large and have covered their tracks in such a way there is no sufficient evidence of any of their illegal activities.