Genesis Stones are extremely powerful gemstones which are shards from a much larger object called the Almasi. (see Almasi) It was as large as the African continent and powerful enough to fuel an entire planet indefinitely. The Almasi was created by the last survivors of an ancient race of powerful, incorporeal Galactic Beings. Before the creation of our galaxy, there were five members of the Asterians who survived the destruction of their universe. These beings knew that they were too weak to survive on their own, so they transferred their life force energies into a large semi-organic mineral construct later dubbed the Almasi. The Asterians sent the Almasi to a newly formed planet called Kituocha, located in the center of the universe. The inhabitants used the Almasi as a fuel source and worshiped it as a god.

For eons, the Kituochans lived in relative peace until Malevolence (see Malevolence ), a powerful galactic warlord, conquered their planet and stole the Almasi as a means of tapping into the time/space continuum. Opifex, his brother-a nearly omnipotent space sentinel in his own right-challenged him and defeated him. (see Opifex)

Opifex believed the Almasi far too powerful for one being to possess—including himself. With tremendous effort and a huge depletion of his own life force energy, he banishes Malevolence to a dimensional void and breaks the Almasi into several pieces and hides the shards across the landscape of the cosmos.

When our galaxy received the spark of life, it is believed a shard of the Almasi was responsible for the creation of earth. The other remnants of the Almasi were spread throughout the cosmos and sparked life throughout the far reaches of the universe. Each shard possesses the potential to create massive amounts of energy, trans-mutate elements and effect the time/space continuum.

Throughout history, smaller fragments of the Almasi shard embedded in the earth’s crust were mined by humans. It was from them that the legend of the Philosopher’s Stone was born.  

In 1941, the Nazis uncovered a shard and Hitler used it to create a substance called Xerum 525, which he used to power his super weapon called the Die Glocke. This all hinged on Hitler’s discovery of the fabled Philosopher’s Stone.

After the war ended, the United States raided Hitler’s secret super weapon compounds and recruited former Nazi scientists as detailed in Operation Paperclip. Among those recruited was renowned German physicist, Dr. Erik Drache. He was also an expert in ancient alchemy and Germanic mythology and legends which he used to unlock the secrets of the Genesis Stone. Like Hitler, Drache became fascinated with the occult at an early age and joined the Thule Society.

The Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the predecessor of the Nazi Party, was supported and funded by the Thule Society. Even though the Thules were publicly denounced by the Nazis, Hitler and German aristocrats supported the organization in secret. For years Dr. Drache worked with other Thule members who were also Teutonic historians and students of alchemy to uncover the secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Drache had unlocked the alchemical formulae for creating a Philosopher’s Stone—which he dubbed a Genesis Stone. The secret in utilizing them was tied to an understanding of Teutonic runes. Drache discovered that besides possessing the ability to trans-mutate elements and being a possible super weapon, the Die Glocke was also a dimensional gateway that breached the veil between our world and others throughout the cosmos.

This knowledge was hidden from his new American benefactors and the technology didn’t resurface until decades later.   (see Knight Ranger)

Each of the Genesis Stones can be used individually by beings of great power and/or superior intellect or groups of less powerful beings with a focused intent. The power of all the shards harnessed collectively, is far too great for any group of known beings, but none who have attempted this have survived.

The Almasi contained the life force energies and also the consciousness of the Asterians. So, in fact it was a living energy source. Although they were a highly advanced race of beings, the Asterians were not immune to the conflicting thoughts and emotions of most sentient beings, despite their superior intellect. The Almasi contains a perfect balance of order and chaos, however because sentient beings are flawed, they shift that balance the longer the stone is in their possession and are challenged to maintain the balance—which none have proven capable of doing.

It also allows for the possessor to experience some self-discovery and make it so that they are forever changed by the experience and have to fight the stone's influence in order to maintain their own individual consciousness. 

Known Uses for a Genesis Stone

  • Turn objects into a solid, liquid or gaseous form.
  • Cause solid objects to disintegrate.
  • Can speed up chemical reactions.
  • Cause explosions.
  • Turn fresh/breathable air into a poison gas.
  • Turn almost any metal into gold.
  • Turn minerals into metal.
  • Crystallize objects.
  • Increase the heat of an object, burning it.
  • Decrease an objects' heat freezing it.
  • Can generate lightning by manipulating the charges of atoms.
  • Can kill a human by poisoning the human's body.
  • Limited Poison Manipulation.
  • Limited Regeneration.