Global Technologies & Energies Consolidated
Founder Unknown
Leader Harrison Harvey
Notable Members Harrison Harvey

Melvin Komas

Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Locations Worldwide
Status Active
First Appearance N/A


Global Technologies & Energies Consolidated (GTEC) is one of the largest fuel conglomerates in the Ivoryverse and generates billions of dollars in profits each year with their business extraction, refining and manufacturing of products related to oil, through its many holdings. Like any business enterprise, the goal of GTEC was to increase their profits, and it was not clear that all its businesses were entirely legitimate. In fact, GTEC had been involved in many activities morally questionable or illegal, but this fact was unknown to most consumers and the general public.

GTEC is one of the world's largest conglomerates, sadly famous for not being interested in any moral or ethical issues of the world and focused on the available profit only.

GTEC faced scandal a few years back when one of its tankers spilled a million gallons of crude oil off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. Thanks to GTEC's political ties to it sitting President at that time, not one GTEC executive saw a day in court.


The main headquarters of Global Technologies & Energies Consolidated is in the GTEC Tower, in Chicago. Because of their multiple business interests, its complex system of command, GTEC continues to be one of the main and most important corporations in the world.