Michael Walker, also known as Hard Target, is a special operative of G.E.N.E.S.I.S. 

Hard Target Logo
Real Name Michael Walker
Aliases Hard Target, Agent Walker
Relatives N/A
Affiliations G.E.N.E.S.I.S., Shadow Corps, Apache Tribal Police Department (formerly)
Base of Operations Mobile
Alignment Good
Identity Public Identity
Citizenship American
Marital Status Single
Occupation Adventurer, spy, assassin, former Apache Tribal Police Officer
Education Apache Tribal Police Academy, G.E.N.E.S.I.S. Training
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Weight 175 lbs
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Black
Place of Birth Somewhere in South Dakota
Status Active
Creator John F. Allen
First Appearance N/A


Michael Walker is descended from a long line of Apache warriors who inherited the mantle of the rattlesnake. Every fifty years a ritual is performed and three of the best Apache warriors are sent on a quest to find a hidden cave and drink from an underground stream—whose water is said to grant only the “The Chosen One,” with immunity to the rattlesnake’s bite. The warriors must then spend the night in the rattlesnake infested cave, and the warrior who is bitten and survives, inherits the mantle of the rattlesnake.

Michael Walker was, “The Chosen One.,” of his generation and proudly bore the rattlesnake mantle for his people. However, a great illness swept through his community, killing most of the citizens of his village. Michael was also a tribal policeman and investigated these mysterious deaths relentlessly until he uncovered an unscrupulous factory owner had been dumping waste into the main water supply for the village. Michael—the only tribal policeman healthy enough to work, confronted the factory owner and was beaten to near death and discarded into the factory’s waste conduit. However, he was flushed out and managed to walk up stream before collapsing from the severity of his injuries. He was found by a hermit who lived alone and far away from the village.

It was said he used to be a powerful shaman but, now spent his life far away from anyone because of his own shame. The hermit brought him back to his house and used healing potions and various elixirs combined with tribal chants to save Michael’s life. Two days later, his fever broke and he was up and moving about like normal. However, MIchael knew that there was something different about him. He felt extremely energized and incredibly strong. He thanked the hermit and asked if he knew why he felt this way. The hermit said that it was just his destiny and asked him to leave immediately now that he had healed. When he returned to his village he discovered that many of his tribe had fled to a neighboring tribe who used a different water source. He made it to his own house only to discover that it had been boarded up. He came upon a villager who nearly ran from him, thinking he was seeing a ghost. When the villager realized that he was indeed real, and not a ghost he told him of how five white men came and searched his house and then boarded it up telling those left in the village that Michael had died in an accident and that they should move to the neighboring village.

MIchael became infuriated and thanked the villager before prying the boards from his back door and having a look around his house. As he entered the house he was greeted by a white man who claimed to be an International Government Agent investigating the factory where Michael had been three days ago. He told the agent what happened and they confronted the factory owner again only this time with enough manpower to bring the factory owner in to answer for what he’d done. During the course of the arrest, the factory owners goons attempted to rush him, only this time he easily evaded them and fought them by himself, defeating them where he couldn’t before. The agent witnessed this and was impressed. He asked Michael if he’d be interested in working for the government and with no real prospects for the future, MIchael accepted.

The government agency in question tunred out to be G.E.N.E.S.I.S. Director Elijah Bishop quickly recruited Michael and he was trained to develop his abilities. He was trained in the use of various weapons and excelled at the use of them. Due to his extraordinary abilities, Michael was given specially made armaments which were worn on his forearms and fired virtually a variety of projectiles. His uniform was also equipped with various weapons. Michael went on to fight threats to international security under the codename: Hard Target. Michael is a full-time agent of G.E.N.E.S.I.S. and is also a member of an elite, preternatural anti-terrorism taskforce known as Shadow Corps.

Powers and Abiliites


Walker is a low level Neo-Human with the uncanny ability of enhanced senses, unerring accuracy, perfect balance and an almost precognitive ability to perceive a potential threat and physically respond with near superhuman reflexes. It is believed by Walker, that his abilities are directly related to the Shaman's magic, but scientific analysis conducted by Dr. James Boudreaux at the behest of Elijah Bishop, determined that it was likely a combination of the waste materials he was exposed to and the Shaman's magic, which unlocked his latent Neo-Human potential.

  • Quasi-Precoginitive Ability: Walker can use his enhanced senses, enhanced agility and perfect balance in unison, which gives him an acute awareness which borders on precognition. As a result, it is virtually impossible to catch him unawar and only a being with superhuman speed can hit him. 
  • Enhanced Senses: Walker's senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are extremely acute, near superhuman level. Although not as sharp as a being like Manx, he is capable of detecting and tracking people and things using a combination of his senses and superior tracking/hunting skills. 
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Walker's reflexes are near superhuman, being nearly twice that of a normal human. 
  • Enhanced Agility: Walker possesses near superhuman agility which he uses, along with his enhanced senses and near precognitive abilities to make himself a near impossible target to hit, hence the codename: Hard Target. He also possesses perfect balance and is almost never susceptible to losing his footing except in the most extreme circumstances or where the surface he lands on is too slippery for him to compensate for his momentum. 
  • Resistence to Toxins: Walker's resistence to Rattlesnake venom is another anomaly, as humans aren't known to have any natural resistence to the effects of the venom. This may be a natural Neo-Human ability passed down from his bloodline, but has as of yet been undetermined scientifically. He also possesses a high tolerance to other toxins and various strains of bacteria. 
  • Enhanced Healing: Walker's recuperative abilities are superior to that of a normal human. While nowhere near the level of Manx, he can usually heal from most injuries in almost half the time of a normal human in excellent physical condition. He is capable of sustaining severe injuries just like any human being, although he is slightly more resistant to scrapes, bruises and superficial lacerations than most humans. 


  • Master Archer: Walker was trained by the warriors of his tribe in mastering archery. He is also an accomplished hunter, which is a rite of passage for young men at the reservation where he grew up.  As a result, the sport was of great interest to him and he is adept in the use of a variety of bows including: regular bows, longbows, compound bows, and crossbows with perfect accuracy. He is capable of firing multiple arrows at a single target in a few seconds, hitting multiple targets in a few quick strokes, and directly hit small targets in the greatest of distances. 
  • Expert Marksman: He possesses very keen eyesight, and his accuracy is virtually unerring. He now has perfect precision with any aimed or thrown weapon. He is capable of  tossing virutally any object with extreme speed and pinpoint accuracy, both in direct aim and complicated rebounds/interactions.
  • Expert Acrobat: Walker is an accomplished aerialist and acrobat, which makes him capable of numerous complex acrobatic maneuvers. He frequently incorporates this skill into his fighting style. 
  • Expert Martial Artist: Walker is an excellent martial artist, having been trained in various forms of combat by G.E.N.E.S.I.S. combat trainer, T-Rex.  While not quite making the top twenty-five greatest fighters in the world, he is very formisable opponent, whose skills continue to improve. 
  • Weapons Proficiency: Walker's enhanced brain function, perfect aim and superhuman reflexes and hand-eye coordination allow him to easily master most weapons within a minimal amount of time. 
  • Expert Strategist: Walker is a highly skilled strategist, tactician and field commander, despite his shy nature. He has also been thorughly trained in military tactics on top of his experiece as a Tribal Policeman, 
Strength level

Walker possesses the enhanced strength for a man of his age, height, and build who engages in intense regular exercise and is considered athletic. He can lift/press up to 1200 lbs.


Walker is about average height with a lithe athletic frame. He has mid-length black hair, high cheekbones and a sculpted jawline.  


  • Hard Target is an excellent tracker and recon expert.
  • Walker is an exceptional hunter


  • Bow staff which can be broken down into a pair of nunchukus and a collapsible bow: The bow staff can is capable of folding on itself (most likely for either easier transport, concealment, or both) and has a selector and transmitter that allow Hard Target to control his mechanical quiver. It also has a laser sight. In addition, he can use the bow as a sort of quarter staff in combat if he can't reach an arrow or is out of them.
  • Specialized Arrow Quiver: Hard Target carries a specialized quiver which is packed with a variety of different arrow heads in the bottom. By dialling up an armament setting from a control on his bow, Hard Target can cause the quiver to affix these special arrowheads. This effectively increases the capabilities from conventional arrows, to explosive arrows, a grapple line, and more.
  • Glock .40 cal: Hard Target carries a Glock .40 cal as his sidearm.
  • Hunting knife/Throwing knives: Hard Target carries a large hunting knife and a set of smaller throwing knives which he can throw with deadly accuracy. 
  • Wristbow/pistols: Hard Target uses a pair of Wristbow/pistols as his primary weapons. 


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