Dominique Zora Blaque, better known as Ivory Blaque is a former art thief, art gallery owner,  private art recovery agent and Preternatural Magistrate for the Chicagoland area. She is a fictional character in the Ivory Blaque series of novels by John F. Allen. Ivory debuted in The God Killers (Novel) 2013 . Ivory is the protagonist of an urban fantasy series written by John F. Allen. The series takes place in Chicago, Illiinois and is set in a parallel fantasy/sci-fi universe, affectionately dubbed the Ivoryverse. In this world,vampires, shape shifters (lycans), the Fae, demigods, aliens, etc. exist. Ivory is a former art thief, art gallery owner, private art recovery agent and Preternatural Magistrate. She is also descended from a inter-dimensional race of advanced beings called the Progeny. It is because of this, she has inherited abilities far beyond those of ordinary humans. As the Preteranatural Magistrate for G.E.N.E.S.I.S., she is tasked with hunting down and bringing to justice any rogue preternaturals, in accordance to a secret treaty between the human governments and the preternatural races. She closely works with the Chicago branch of the Unexplained Crimes Unit (UCU), which investigates crimes of a preternatural nature and keeps the details of such, away from the public purview.  As a strong protagonist in the series, Blaque is very direct, sarcastic, and yet extremely proficient in her duties as an art gallery owner, art recovery agent and Preternatural Magistrate. She is trained by her mentor, Zaji Laveau, in a variety of African martial arts and in the use several weapons, by her associate, Colonel Brett "Flip" Warner, but mostly uses the mystical pistols she inherited called The God Killers. The weapons were created by the Progeny and can kill any preternatural and/or Progeny being, provided the shot is to the head or heart. She is also a Catholic who struggles with her faith and the world in which she operates. Ivory is of mixed heritage: her mother was Creole and her father was Cajun.

Ivory Blaque
Ivory Blaque Full Body
Real Name Dominique Blaque
Aliases Ivory Blaque, Ivory
Relatives Aristotle Blaque (father, deceased), Angeline Blaque (mother, deceased), Aurora James (sister)
Affiliations G.E.N.E.S.I.S.
Base of Operations Chicago, Illinois
Alignment Goodq
Identity Public
Citizenship American
Marital Status Single
Occupation Art Gallery Owner, Adventurer
Education Bachelor degree in Art History and Archaeology from the University of Chicago
Gender Female
Height 5'10
Weight 145 lbs
Eyes Hazel
Hair Black
Place of Birth New Orleans, Louisiana
Status Active
Creator John F. Allen
First Appearance The God Killers (Novel) 2013


Ivory Blaque was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to Aristotle and Angelique Blaque, local restaurateurs and owners of Blaque’s Creole and Cajun Restaurant. She is the youngest of two daughters and eleven years the junior of her sister Aurora. The two of them weren’t particularly close due to the age gap and differences in personality. Ivory was especially close to Ari, while Aurora was closer to Angelique. Every summer, she would visit her great aunt in Chicago. While Angelique thought she was taking ballet lessons, Ari secretly sent her to study African martial arts under Zaji Laveau. When Ivory was a teenager, her parents were murdered during a convenience store robbery. She became very bitter and distant as a result and rebelled from her grandmother until she turned eighteen and took off for Chicago. Her great aunt had died and she wasn’t close with any other relatives in the city, so she took to using her wits to survive. She often pickpocketed from obviously wealthy people and used the money and credit cards she stole to stay in low rent motels.While visiting a local museum, Ivory happened to run into her childhood friend Lynda Middleton and found out that her father—Professor Arthur Middleton—was the curator of the museum. Prof. Middleton insisted that she stay with him and Lynda provided she enroll in a college program. Ivory agreed and earned degrees in both art history and archaeology. She had finished her studies and was working at the museum when she happened upon an older man visiting Prof. Middleton. He possessed a rugged handsomeness and charm that stirred her attention. Despite Prof. Middleton’s attempts at dissuading her from pursuing him, she was instantly smitten with him.  She used her pickpocketing skills on him to get his attention and learn more about him. He turned out to be a man named Johnny Philcher, a professional art thief. Ivory contacted him to let him know she had his wallet and they arranged to meet outside fo the museum. After their meeting, Philcher took a liking to her and decided to take her under his wing and train her to be an art thief. Eventually, she became both his partner and his lover.When the FBI found it impossible to catch them, they decided to make a case against Philcher for tax evasion and sentenced him to ten years in a federal penitentiary. They used Ivory as a lynchpin to get the conviction by threatening her freedom is she refused to cooperate. Philcher encouraged her to testify against him so that while he was incarcerated with a record, she could continue his illegal enterprise on the outside. Ivory reluctantly agreed and during her time away from Philcher, decided to go legit. She opened an art gallery in River North—the Midwestern equivalent to New York’s SoHo. Ivory now lives in an area of Chicago called Hyde Park. The Blaque Gallery rapidly grew and became one of the largest and most successful outside of New York and Los Angeles. Ivory still felt that she could be doing more, so she used her skills as a thief to hire herself out as an art recovery agent. She contacted an old friend of her father’s named Brett “Flip” Warner who agreed to assist her in her art recovery assignments. Things were going well until she was hired to recover a pair of Civil War era pistols—called The God Killers—in New Orleans. She barely escaped with her life as shadowy figures pursued her. To make matters worse, Philcher was released early from prison and wanted to pick up where things left off. Ivory had changed during their time apart and wanted nothing to do with her former life, so she refused and this enraged Philcher who vowed revenge upon her.

Personality & Traits

Ivory developed the ability to see auras in people as a child, something likely passed on to her by her maternal grandmother, Cordelia Boudreaux, a contemporary of Marie Laveau. Ivory is extremely intelligent, sarcastic, fiercely autonomous and stubborn. She is very distant, but cares deeply for those within her circle. Ivory faces her fears with complete impunity and doesn't make idle threats. At heart, she's still somewhat of a tomboy, but is most assuredly comfortable in her femininity and not above playing on it whe the situation calls for it.Like other popular femal protagonists like, Anita Blake, Kinsey Millhone, Jane Yellowrock, Damali Richards and V.I. Warshawski, she has major emotional issues, is frequently the only female in situations of a machismo bent, and often comes across as quite too stubborn and difficult for her own good. Like Robert B. Parker's, Spenser, she plays knight errant, a champion to the vulnerable and downtrodden. Ivory often speaks her mind, without regard to others, loses her temper, baits those she isn't fond of (such as Detective Andy Glowiak) and tends to accept almost any challenge, even those she might not win. Ivory has a deep seated contempt for vampires due to the fact that they were responsible for the deaths of her parents, Aristotle and Angeline Blaque.  Ivory is tall and statuesque, has long black hair in natural corkscrews. Her skin color is extremely pale, due to a rare form of albinism which only affected her skin color.

Powers and Abilities


  • Combat Skills-Ivory has attained mastery in the African martial arts and has also studied Japanese martial arts and military combat techniques. She works out regularly with her martial arts instructor, mentor and friend, Zaji Laveau and her faithful canine companion, Bullitt. She credits Flip for much of her training in weapons, primarily handguns and knives.
  • Detective Skills-Ivory has keen perception and an abundance of street smarts. She is often a good judge of character and is extremely capable in deductive and inductive reasoning. Ivory is adept at using her detective skills in tracking down stolen artwork, rogue preternaturals and missing persons related to her duties in either areana. 
  • Preternatural Experience- Ivory has been privy to the preternatural world since the murder of her parents and is experienced in dealing with a variety of preternaturals firsthand, most often vampires and lycans. She holds bachelor's degrees in art history and archaeology and has been tutored in world mythology by her godfather, Professor Arthur J. Middleton. 
  • Limited Telepathic Abilities-Ivory can see auras in humans and preternaturals alike. By distiguishing a pattern of colors and intensity, she can determine the race of a being such as whether a perosn is a human, vampire, lycan or Progeny. She is linked to Antoine Valentine telepathically due to the fact that he provided her with the first two vampire marks necessary to make her his human servant. The first mark was forced upon her as a means to ingratiate himself into her life and the second was given to her in an effort to save her life. Because of this, Ivory and Antoine can speak mind-to-mind and share dreams. Ivory has since learned to erect what she calls "Psychic Armor" in order to negate this effect at will, although at times it proves challenging due to her natural attraction to Antoine. 
  • Neo-Progeny Physiology-Ivory developed enhanced physical abilities similar to vampires and lycans, due to her death and rebirth which sparked her immortality. 
  • Enhanced Physical Condition: Her endurance is greater than any normal human
  • Enhanced Human Strength:  Her physical strength is at the peak level of natural physical limits for a woman of her age.
    • Peak Human Speed: Her speed is beyond any normal human's capacity and borders on superhuman. 
    • Peak Human Agility: Ivory's natural agility level is extremely heightened and greater then that of any known human athlete.
    • Master Martial Artist: She is a high ranking black belt in various forms of African and Japanese martial arts. 
    • Expert Acrobat: She is an Olympic class athlete, gymnast, acrobat and aerialist capable of many difficult feats.
    • Expert Marksman: She is an uncanny marksman skilled in sharpshooting and further enhanced by The God Killers. 
    • Gifted Intellect: Ivorys intellect is well within genius range. 
    • Expert Tactician: She is a very effective strategist, tactician, and field commander.



  • The God Killers - Ivory wields twin weapons (usually in the from of Civil War era pistols) which are mystical in nature. They never run out of ammunition, are indestructible and enhance her already uncanny marksmanship. She has recently learned to morph the pistols into twin katana swords through sheer force of will.