Real name: Dr. Lynda Middleton-Du Bois, PhD

Occupation: Associate curator and field archaeologist/anthropologist for the Chicago Museum

Education: PhD in Archaeology and Anthropology

Legal status: US citizen with no criminal record

Identity: Known

Alignment: Neutral   

Former aliases: None

Place of Birth: Chicago, IL

Marital status: Divorced

Known relatives: Captain Alexandre Cornelius “Neal” Du Bois (husband, deceased), Adam Alexandre Du Bois (son), Professor Arthur Miles Middleton, PhD (father), Ivory Blaque (god-sister/best friend)

Group affiliations: None

Base of Operations: Chicago, IL

Gender: Female

Height: 5’7

Weight: 128 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Black

Creator: John F. Allen

Origin: Dr. Lynda Middleton-Du Bois, PhD is the only child of Professor Arthur Miles Middleton, PhD and an associate curator for the Chicago Museum of Ancient History. She is a close friend of Ivory and is a frequent partner on several of her adventures as they involve procuring items for the museum.

Lynda is a brilliant historian, archaeologist, anthropologist and linguist. She’s also a highly trained survivalist and accomplished marathon runner.

Dr. Middleton-Du Bois’ first mentioned in “The God Killers.”


· Strength level: Lynda possesses the average strength of an adult female her size and age who engages in regular intensive exercise and conditioning.

· Powers/Abilities: Lynda is an exceptional athlete and is in superb physical condition. She has trained in Chinese Kung-Fu and Brazilian Jujitsu.

· Weapons: Lynda has been known to carry a Browning Hi-Power 9mm firearm while in the field.