Malik Tokugawa is the Alpha of the Chicagoland Wolf Pack and lover of Ivory Blaque. 

Malik Tokugawa
Real Name Unknown
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Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Identity Unknown
Citizenship Unknown
Marital Status Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Education Unknown
Gender Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Hair Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown
Status Unknown
Creator Unknown
First Appearance Unknown

History Edit

Malik Tokugawa was born in Sapporo, Japan to—Maya Abdul-Hakeem—the daughter of an African American Civil Rights activist and political extremist and the son of a prominent Tokyo businessman—Ken Tokugawa.  His maternal grandfather—Malik Abdul-Hakeem—was framed for the murder of Nagami Tokugawa by a business rival and was sentenced to death row.  Maya spent much of her time and energy trying to disprove her father’s guilt by finding the real killer. Ken Tokugawa was at first bitter and angry at Abdul-Hakeem for his father’s death however, when he uncovered discrepancies behind the circumstances of his father’s death, he eventually joined with Maya to uncover the truth. It wasn’t until after Malik Abdul-Hakeem was executed that they were able to prove that he was innocent of the crime. During the time they’d spent together, Maya and Ken fell in love and married. The couple moved to Tokyo so that Ken could take over his family’s business. It was shortly afterwards that their son Malik—named after his grandfather—was born.  Malik spent much of his early childhood in Japan before moving to Chicago with his parents, so that his father could oversee the US branch of their family’s company. As a teen, while vacationing in remote portion of Illinois with his parents, they were attacked by a rogue werewolf pack. His parents were tortured and killed, while he was left for dead. He survived and managed to get help from another group of werewolves led by Brody O’Keefe. Malik was turned as a result of his attack and joined the pack in which O’Keefe was the alpha. He was groomed by O’Keefe to become the pack enforcer as the last enforcer—Corben—was the werewolf responsible for the death of his parents. He vowed to track down Corben if it was the last thing he ever did. Malik attended the Chicago Institute of Art and earned a degree in fine art with a focus on painting and drawing. He has gained a large following in the art world and has had highly successful gallery showings. In the aftermath, following his parents’ murder, he and Brody became very close and enjoy an almost brotherly relationship.  


Malik is tall and muscular. His hair is black and cut in a fade. Malik’s skin is a rich honey color due to his mixed heritage. 

Demeanor Edit

A brave loner who is fiercely protective of those he cares about. Malik is often calm and collected, he is still very much in tune with his inner beast and extremely dangerous when provoked.    

Notable SkillsEdit

Highly skilled in weapons use, hand to hand combat, and tactical strategy. He is also extremely proficient in parkour or free-running.  


  • Ivory Blaque - Girlfriend
  • Brody O'Keefe - Friend/former Alpha (deseaed)
  • Reginald Montgomery - Friend
  • Slade Harcourt - Second in command/Pack Enforcer