Mami Wata
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Real Name Unknown
Aliases Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Identity Unknown
Citizenship Unknown
Marital Status Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Education Unknown
Gender Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Hair Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown
Status Unknown
Creator Unknown
First Appearance Unknown


Strength level: Mama Wata possesses superhuman strength and can lift/press 25 tons.

Powers/Abilities: Mama Wata possesses inhuman beauty as she is the illegitimate daughter of Aphrodite. She can make most men do her bidding with a mere glance. Mama Wata has control over water and through sheer force of will can psionically change the moisture in the air to water, creating blasts of water which can strike with devastating force. As a Neo-Progeny, she is long lived and virtually immune to human disease. Mama Wata carries with her a large mamba snake which is in fact her first husband—Tunde’, whom she turned into a snake when she caught him cheating on her. Tunde’ is incredibly strong; he is capable of crushing titanium steel using just his fangs. He is immortal in his snake form and cannot be injured by conventional means. Mama Wata uses Tunde’ as her bodyguard as he can resume his human form whenever she wills him to.