REAL NAME: Reginald Quincy Montgomery



OCCUPATION: Attorney and private detective.


PLACE OF BIRTH: Westchester, NY


KNOWN RELATIVES: Bartholomew Montgomery III (father, deceased), Estelle Montgomery (mother, deceased), Bartholomew Montgomery IV (brother, deceased), Edward Montgomery (brother, deceased)

ALLIES: Ivory Blaque, Brody O’Keefe

GROUP AFFILIATION: Montgomery & O’Keefe, Attorneys at Law

ENEMIES: Antoine Valentine

EDUCATION: Law degree from Harvard and B.A. in criminology from Princeton

FIRST APPEARANCE: The God Killers (2013)

HISTORY: Reginald is a vampire attorney/private investigator who is co-owner of Montgomery & O’Keefe, Attorneys at Law, a law firm/private detective agency which caters to preternatural clientele. Prior to “The God Killers” Reginald is an uneasy acquaintance of Ivory who tolerates her sarcasm and general disdain for vampires, (she on the other hand, tolerates Reginald mostly due to the fact that unlike other vampires, he’s never lied to her and doesn’t treat her like any other human) mostly because of the fact that she never reneges on a promise and she’s one of the firm’s most well-paying clients. Reginald is described as arrogant, a neat freak, and a foppish pretty boy with social issues. He is extremely vain and has a healthy sense of entitlement which it’s believed to have carried over from his life before he was turned. He came from an affluent family, and was born in Westchester, NY. He left New York and took a job with the Department of Justice in Chicago—mainly to vex his father—during the 1930’s before stumbling upon a group of vampires smuggling alcohol laced with vampire blood to humans during prohibition. Once the vampires learned they were about to be exposed they attacked Reginald and left him for dead however, he survived and was turned. To reintegrate himself into the world, he assumed the identity of a distant relative to claim his own estate. He then slowly disappeared from the public eye during the depression and maintained a low profile. Reginald met Brody O’Keefe—a former Chicago Police Detective and turned werewolf—who was also hiring himself out as a private detective. The two decided to join forces and form a law firm/private detective agency which caters to preternatural clientele.



EYES: Blue

HAIR: Blonde


DESCRIPTION: Reginald is tall and lean. His hair is cut in a crew-cut style. He is clean shaven and is usually well-dressed even when he doesn’t leave the office or is scheduled to see clients.

DEMEANOR: Brody is extremely arrogant and generally conceited. He is however bluntly honest. He doesn’t like the fact that he is a vampire and therefore hates them nearly as much as Ivory. He and Ivory maintain a relationship built on mutual respect. He is loyal to his friends and maintains a deep caring for his business partner Brody O’Keefe. They constantly argue, but truth be told they are the best of friends. Reginald is essentially a hermit and rarely leaves his home/office unless absolutely necessary.  

NOTABLE SKILLS: He is an extremely talented legal mind and tactician. He has been trained in weapons use and hand to hand combat, although he prefers to use his wits instead of physical force. He is a highly skilled detective, with a genius lever IQ. Reginald sometimes carries a 357. Magnum, but usually prefers to carry his walking stick which contains a hidden blade in it.