Xenith LaCroix
Real Name Xenith LaCroix
Aliases "X", Xenith
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations N/A
Base of Operations Chicago, Illinois
Alignment Good
Identity Public Identity
Citizenship United States Citizen
Marital Status Single
Occupation Sorceress in Training
Education Unknown
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes Hazel
Hair Reddish Brown
Place of Birth New Orleans, Louisiana
Status Active
Creator John F. Allen
First Appearance The Magistrate (novel)


Xenith LaCroix is a headstrong, homeless young woman who lived in New Orleans and recently discovers she is descended from a long line of witches. She moves to Chicago to escape agents of an international witch coven, who plan to manipulate her. Xenith is taken in and mentored by a powerful Voodoo priestess named Zaji, in order to learn how to control her abilities. Alone in a strange city and reeling from the discovery of her uncanny abilities, she wanders out one night to exert her freedom and gets more than she bargains for.  

Gregor Kolinski is a vampire enforcer assigned to secretly protect Xenith as repayment of a blood debt between Zaji and his master. When Xenith encounters Diana, an enforcer for the coven, Gregor is forced to reveal himself in order to protect her. The forces that threaten to enslave her throw Xenith and Gregor together. But, will their steamy passion help them to come together against this powerful threat or will it leave them vulnerable and prove to be their undoing?

Powers and Abilities

  • Psionics: As a result of lineage, LaCroix possesses an array of psionic powers, which manifest in the form of violet glowing energy currents and lightning-like bolts. When using her power, her irises glow a bright violet color, especially when she is in deep concentration. The currents she creates can control and distort molecules and forms of physical forces, such as friction, kinetic energy, pressure, state of matter and even gravity. This energy is capable of controlling many forms of matter on a molecular level and can be used to control molecules and physical forces in various ways.
  • Telekinesis: LaCroix has the ability to project her lifeforce energy and amplify it with ambient, kinetic energy in order to move, levitate and manipulate objects through sheer force of her mind. She can also affect and control particles down to the molecular level, as well as physical forces such as kinetic energy, friction, pressure, state of matter and even gravity. 
  • Levitation: LaCroix can use her telekinesis to move herself through the air and simulate flight.
  • Kinetic Energy Shields: LaCroix can erect a shield and a barrier of kinetic energy to protect herself and others within close proximity, from weapons fire, energy based attacks and projectile weapons. 
  • Telepathy: LaCroix can read the minds of ordinary humans with ease and telepathcally communicate with virtually anyone over limited distances. She can experience memories and thoughts of others or project her own thoughts, thus influencing the behaviors of others and in effect forcing them to do her bidding. LaCroix can also sense the minds and emotions of those around her.
  • Mental Manipulation: LaCroix can experience memories and thoughts of others she links with telepatically and project her own thoughts onto them, thus influencing the behaviors of others and in effect forcing them to do her bidding. She can use this ability to force others to recall dark events of their pasts and place them in a daydream-like trance, where they experience visions. When utilizing this ability, she emits a violet colored energy which resembles lightning/electricity. The effects also distort the victim's iris coloration, causing them to shine a violet color much like hers. LaCroix can also manipulate the memories, thoughts, actions, emotions, and senses of others at will, induce sleep or pain and create illusions with relative ease.
  • Fear Manipulation: With her power to manipulate the mind, she can use her power to elicit fear or emotional pain in a person in the form of nightmares, hallucinations and visions which can stun and/or weaken an individual regardless of power level. These visions can show something that a person fears, regrets, or is generally disturbed by, though the nature of it is sometimes random. 
  • Kinetic/Psionic Energy Manipultion: LaCroix can project energy blasts, waves and bolts by projecting her own kinetic/psionic and telekinetic energy, or gathering particles, molecules and physical forces into a contained space, allowing her to either blow, destroy, push/pull or direct her hits at her enemies. These contained spaces could be in any shape and form and outlined her telekinetic spheres of influence, making her telekinesis visible as a violet colored energy. When a target of hers is hit with her energy, she can use her telekinesis to inflict further damage. 
  • Physical Strength Augmentation: LaCroix can use her telepathy and energy manipulation abilities to augment her physical to a great extent. While her normal physcial strength is that of an average young woman who engages in regular strenuous exercise, when she uses her abilities to augment her strength she can increase it up to tenfold. Thus, she is normall able to lift/press up to 200 lbs, but when using her abilities to supplement her strength, she can lift/press up to 2000 lbs/1 ton.

DESCRIPTION: Xenith is pretty with a sprinkling of freckles and she wears her hair in natural corkscrews. Her skin color is a cafe au lait color.

DEMEANOR: Fiercely autonomous, extremely intelligent, and sarcastic. She is prone to stubborness and is at times extremely impulsive. Xenith faces her fears with an internal anger that resonates strongly whenever she is threatened and is an efficient focus of her Wiccan abilities. Due to the circumstances of her upbringing and early relationships, she is very untrusting of others and limits her close relationships to three people, Zaji Laveau, Gregor Kolinski and Ivory Blaque.  

NOTABLE SKILLS: Basic hand to hand combat, theft and gaining the confidence of others. Xenith is also uncannily able to determine the intentions of others after only a few seconds in their presence.