Zaji Laveau
Real Name Zaji Marie Laveau
Aliases Marie Laveau III, Queen Zaji, Dr. Laveau
Relatives Unknown mother (deceased), Marie Laveau II (grandmother, deceased), Marie Laveau I (great grandmother, deceased)
Affiliations Formerly, The International Coven of Witches
Base of Operations Chicago, Illinois Bronzeville
Alignment Good
Identity Public
Citizenship American
Marital Status Single
Occupation Book store/Apothecary owner, voodoo priestess/historian, sangoma, African Martial Arts Master/Instructor
Education Medical degree from Louisiana State University (LSU)
Gender Female
Height 5'9
Weight 155 lbs
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Black
Place of Birth New Orleans, Louisiana
Status Active
Creator John F. Allen
First Appearance The God Killers Novel 2013


Zaji owns Zaji's Books & Treasures, a bookstore/apothecary located in the Bronzeville area of Chicago , Illinois. The bookstore/apothecary is full of ancient books and spiritual objects, as well as jars containing the essences of various mystical entities. Zaji uses these objects sparingly, as they are of great power. She mostly acts as a guardian of them.  Zaji is thought to be the reincarnation of her mother, who in turn was the reincarnation of her mother Marie Laveau II.


Tall, strong and beautiful. Zaji is at least fifty years old, but looks like a woman in her thirties.  She is said to possess an etheral glow and a regal presence that no one who encounters her can deny. 


Zaji has a loving and caring spirit, but is also a very fierce warrior and an extremely powerful Wiccan. 


  • Zaji Laveau has a supernatural sensitivity to occult activities and mystic phenomena. She also has increased understanding in all things supernatural. She uses a mix of stones and animal bones to interpret what she senses, and is also able to help others visit the spirit world. Through her own mystical prowess she can teleport herself (which she does mostly) and others (on occasion).
  • Zaji is a telekinetic and can levitate herself and other objects at will when necessary. She can also cast illusions and can create a form of smoke or vapors she can use to conceal her location. Zaji can easily see through the smoke and can use this to disorient a foe.
  • She can use her abilities to give herself immunity to fire by entering a trance. While entranced her body will not burn and she will not feel the heat. Zaji can also control flames, but cannot create them. Zaji is also capable of manifesting life force energy and supplementing it by borrowing the ambient energy from nature to devastiting effect. She can propel powerful bolts of this energy with the concussive force of a RPG.
  • Zaji can control various elements of nature on a limited scale such as wind, rain, thunder and lightning. 
  • Zaji is a skilled hypnotist. Although this skill is not very effective on humans, unless the subject is a willing participant. The more intelligent a being is the less effective hypnotism is on them. She can use her abilities to control animals very easily.
  • Zaji is a skilled healer, in both modern Western medicine and the healing rituals of the sangomas.
  • Zaji is a highly skilled martial artist and is thought to be one of the top ten fighters in the world. She is a master of several African disciplines including: Dambe (West African Boxing), Lutte Traditionnelle (West African Wrestling), Tahtib (Egyptian Stick Fighting), African Archery and  African Sword Fighting.